Car Seat Travel Mattress With Pillows
Car Seat Travel Mattress With Pillows

Car Seat Travel Mattress With Pillows

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Save Money and Time On Road Trips By Sleeping In Your Car - The Comfortable Way!

  • No More Sleeping On Uncomfortable Seats - Sleeping on road trips is inevitable for safe driving. Place this mattress on your back seat and two portions will inflate in the back seat passenger feet areas so that the mattress is comfortable the whole way across.
  • Don't Waste Time With A Hotel - Sleeping in hotels when you're on trips costs money and it can be hard to justify $100 hotel stays when you really just need a place to crash for a few hours unless you spend the entire night there. Now, you can sleep comfortably in the back of your car on this travel mattress!
  • No Need For A Sleeper Van or Camper - This functions just as well as a camper bed. No need to haul one!
  • The Perfect Solution for Camping When It Rains - Heavy rains can spoil a camping trip, but now you can move the party into your car and sleep on a comfortable mattress inside your car! Resume the tent camping when the weather lets up.
  • Size - 52.75" x 34.65" x 16.5". Max weight = 330 lbs.


  1. Lightweight, Folding Car Mattress
  2. Air Pump
  3. 2 Pillows
  4. 2 Repair Pads
  5. Adhesive Agent
  6. Storage Bag



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